David Corto Camacho

David Corto Camacho

Senior Software Engineer @ Deporvillage.com

About Me

I'm a Senior Software Engineer, currently more focused on SRE & DevOps mindset. I'm comfortable working with microservices and complex architectures.

Having fun with Kubernetes.

I like to learn and apply new tools and methodologies. Anytime is good to improve.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Deporvillage.com (June 2019 - Present)

As a Senior Backend Developer working with ElasticSearch, PHP, GoLang and a lot of microservices :-)

Currently more focused as a SRE and DevOps culture

Freelance PHP Web Developer (2010 - Present)

I develop web projects and e-commerce sites. Also, I work in collaboration with several digital marketing agencies.

See Latest Projects.

Senior Software Engineer - EuroMillions.com (October 2018 - May 2019)

As a Senior Software Engineer, I worked improving the main site and payment services (microservices). Also with a strong DevOps culture on the company we develop a all new CI/CD pipelines over Jenkins and using Rancher for Docker orcherstration on production.

Team Lead / CIO / Senior PHP Developer - TwoNav (March 2016 - October 2018)

Lead web developer of e-commerce, cloud and other online projects of the company.

e-commerce: TwoNav

cloud: GO by TwoNav

Senior PHP Web Developer - Alea Digital S.L. (January 2016 - February 2016)

PHP Developer in one of the IT teams of the company.

Full Stack Web PHP Developer - CDmon - 10dencehispahard S.L. (February 2015 - January 2016)

Lead developer of all e-commerce and marketing platforms.

Software Engineer - Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (June 2014 - February 2015)

In collaboration with the University of Barcelona. My main responsibilities were as the project manager, systems architect and web developer for develop a new tool for internal management of a rice company.

PHP Symfony2 Web Developer - Pin Digital (June 2012 - September 2012)

Social network development with Symfony2. HTML5 + CSS3 Frontend. Technology: ElasticSearch + Redis + RabbitMQ + Varnish Cache + AWS

Web Developer - A2 Sistemas (September 2007 - February 2010)

Frontend and Backend Web Developer with PHP and .NET, HTML, CSS. Project manager and IT consultant.


David is an excellent full-stack programmer, as well as a very good leader. The way he can achive a solution for a complex problem, makes you realize that you still have to learn a lot more. I personally learnt a lot of amazing stuff from him, and I'm so happy because we taught each other, and that's fantastic for us. He constantly makes the effort for being a team-player, attending all the requirements and proposing new solutions, that can make the business work better than it did before.

Iván Prat
Lead Frontend Developer

I had the pleasure of working with David at TwoNav. He is always ready to help and his deep technical expertise makes everything way easier. He is a great colleague and promotes teamworking. The perfect professional role model. His ability to take complex technical issues and break them down for even the most junior programmers is outstanding. Combine that with his passion and his eye for detail and he can fix just about anyone complicated tasks. It was a pleasure to work with David and I hope that we can work directly together again.

Raúl Salguero
UX Designer

David is a great team colleague and a hard working professional. Very committed to his job. He works hard, with perseverance, attends all the requirements with care and goes beyond, analyzing every detail and takes in consideration every possible issue. As a developer, he works with quality and according to requirements and his deliveries are always on time. As a team leader, he is a great team player who pays attention to colleagues and tries to help and teach them when possible and also achieves the 120% of the team. Great pleasure to work side by side with him!

Marc Atanes
IT Operations Manager

I worked with David a few years ago at Pin Digital. He's a very hard worker guy who implicates a lot in the work he has on him. I know very few people with his initiative to expand his knowledge and his capacity to help the others when they need it. That's why he is a magnificent co-worker and an inspirational team member who you won't regret to include in your team

Javier Sánchez Velamazán
Web Developer

David displays high levels of energy and involvement in everything he does. I can affirm that with him on your team you can face insurmountable challenges. His curiosity knows no limits and it has helped me to discover high risk elements in my project with him which may have gone unseen. I can say with confidence that he demonstrated excellent knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML5 and Symfony2 Framework. David also shows great skills about project management and leadership doing the right questions on the right moments over the project development. He loves to take initiatives and does not wait for the instructions. He fosters team spirit and works with the team for achieving results. Definitely he is an asset for any team.

Sergio Escalera
Director at ChaLearn Challenges in Machine Learning

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